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Hypnosis is a natural state.  We all have a tendency to go in and out of this state regularly.  For example, the thirty minutes before going to sleep at night is akin to hypnosis.  Or when you are watching an especially engaging movie or reading an interesting book, you are in hypnosis, and you lose sense of time.  Hypnotherapy is a means to access this state to change your life in the direction you choose.

Each of us creates a life script as we grow up.  This life script can be adjusted under hypnosis.  In addition, behavior change and elimination of negative habits are goals of hypnosis.  The client is in control of the change process, and the hypnotherapist functions as a facilitator accessing the subconscious mind, suggesting to the client under hypnosis what the client has said they want to change in their behavior.

“I have learned in life that change is inevitable and can be quite positive when guided in the right direction.”   

- David Murdock, Billionaire