"I feel free at last to travel ! You have made an amazing difference in my life. Now I can fly comfortably whenever I want since my work with you." 

-Mary Ann


"When I met with Dr. Carole Weeks early in the spring of 2013 to see if hypnotherapy could help me, I wasn't giving up cigarettes, carbs, or my fear of flying.  I wanted to get something positive started. I wanted to get back to work on the novel I had started in 2002.  After the second session, I was able to bring Dr. Weeks new scenes whenever we met.  Four months later, I am revising my first draft.  The whole process has been a great joy!"



"I had purchased on-line sessions with Dr. Weeks for Hypnotherapy, and when I called to reschedule my appointment time, due to an interview, she said, "What wonderful timing, we can prepare you for your interview."  Little did I realize what a difference she and the session would make! Amazingly, I was so confident during the interview, I was able to respond well to all questions and even had the interview panel, of almost a dozen people, smiling, nodding and completely engaged.  I have to say this was the best interview I've ever had.  Needless to say, I was called back for the final interview.  I highly recommend Carole to anyone needing a boost of confidence and interested in working on themselves in any capacity."



"During my pregnancy, I was scared to death of labor and had reservations about my ability to breastfeed.  After a few sessions with Carole, I was relaxed, confident an felt prepared for labor.  Delivery did not go as planned, but I did not feel nervous or scared. Breastfeeding came naturally to me and is something I enjoy.  I am so grateful to Carole for helping me relax and enjoy my son."



"Dr. Weeks has helped me reach childhood issues that have been difficult to access.  Long dormant issues from childhood quickly surfaced during my hypnosis session. It made it easier to resolve these long unresolved events.  I am now ready to move forward with the rest of my life without these obstacles.  I feel so blessed to have found her."



"Recently attended Carole's workshop on Self Hypnosis and can't believe the changes in my overall confidence in money management. The guided visualizations I now use everyday have created a new path for me to wealth."


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